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Cuadra Goodyear Welt

Cuadra Goodyear Welt

Welcome To Xixo Leather Artistry

Xixo (Shee-Sho) meaning well done in the Nahuatl language of Mexico's Aztec people is a small, local family business and exclusive Canadian retailer of Adro, Cuadra & Robin Archives; Mexican brands of finely handcrafted fashion leather goods featuring quality, durability and uniqueness in limited quantities. 

Our goals are to preserve artisan craftsmanship, provide good jobs in Mexico and offer luxury leather goods at a fair price to our customers.

Our collection for men and women includes shoes, boots, jackets and accessories in casual, dress and western styles that are unique, versatile and timeless.

We represent that shifting to full authenticity with subtle sophistication created from individual lines, shapes, colours and handcrafted details for those that appreciate individuality.

Fashion stylists and editors have featured and recommended our leather goods and our customers say that we resemble a gallery with pieces of art made of leather. We invite you to feel the difference and support our quest. Gracias!


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Xixo Leather Artistry

Collection Sustainably Handcrafted

You can shop worry-free knowing that artisans work in the right environment with sustainable practices and leather materials.

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