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StyleDrama: In search of affordable luxury at Xixo Apparel

Edward Quan is the Fashion & Travel Editor of Style Drama and shares his inspiration for effortless style by discovering how top fashion designers and pop-culture influences our personal style. We met with Edward in our Xixo Leather Boutique where he discovered our Cuadra leather goods handmade by Mexican artisans. Below is his review and thank you Edward for your positive comments!

"When searching for true value in the world of luxury leather shoes and accessories, you need not look further than Xixo Leather in downtown Vancouver, distributor of the Cuadra brand of quality handmade Mexican leather goods.

Establish one year ago by Carlos Ramirez, Xixo Apparel has already become known as the place to shop for fashionable handcrafted leather boots, shoes, jackets, handbags and accessories.

Cuadra remains true to hand craftsmanship

“It can take 6 – 8 days to handcraft a pair of boots or shoes by Cuadra”, said Carlos Ramirez.

When I visited Xixo Apparel boutique last month, I was very impressed by the unique styles, skin textures, colors and techniques such as hand cutting, painting, engraving, carving and embroidery.

Combined with sustainable and genuine exotic skins from alligator, caiman, python, lizard, ostrich and deer, you will find some many fashion pieces that would not be out of place on the streets of New York, London and Paris.

Xixo Apparel offers affordable luxury

A symbol of quality footwear is that the inner lining of Cuadra boots and shoes are made from leather which offers greater comfort as it allows your feet to breath, rather than synthetic materials.

With a wide range of styles and materials, the selection is broad but limited as Carlos Ramirez will only bring in one lot – 12 pairs – per style each season.

Not only are you buying exclusivity, you can also save thousands of dollars on your next purchase.

On displayed was a fabulous python handbag, priced several thousands of dollars less compared to a similar bag from a European fashion designer line.

For Xixo Apparel is all about affordable luxury – fashionable, exotic, quality and exclusivity.

So the next time you are downtown shopping for a new pair of cowboy boots, dress or casual shoes, leather jacket and handbag, visit Carlos Ramirez at Xixo Leather Artistry in 807 Hornby St., Vancouver or online".

Note: the boutique address has been updated to our current location since December 2014.

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