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Vancity Buzz: Xixo Handcrafted Leather Apparel

Tiffany Kaczmarczyk is a fashion editor for Vancity Buzz and we were so pleased with her visit to our Xixo Boutique and interest in our Cuadra leather goods handmade by Mexican artisans. This is her article and we are so grateful for her kind words. Gratitude Tifanny!!

"Xixo is not your average boutique in Yaletown. If you are one of those fashion savvy individuals who craves that unique one-of-a-kind item in your collection, appreciates handmade artistry, and is socially aware, then you and Xixo are a match made in heaven. Xixo is a family owned business that sells handmade leather apparel including shoes, purses, jackets, and wallets. The Owners Carlos and Mar Garcia were so gracious to invite me to their store to explore the Cuadra brand that they carry. Xixo is the only distributor of Cuadra leather products in Canada. 

Xixo (pronounced shee-sho) means “well done” in the Nahuatl language. The birth of Xixo began ith Carlos’ studies in international business and his travels abroad. He found that luxury brands are all about the same, catering to the masses with products that are often times identical and even average in quality. He found the corporate business world exhaustingly stagnate and wanted to provide connoisseurs of high quality handcrafted accessories the products they desired.

So the Cuadra line of leather products came to mind. Carlos and Mar have been devoted patrons to the Cuadro brand for ten years, so naturally Xixo became the first, and currently only, carrier of Cuadra leather accessories in Canada. Cuadra is a Mexican brand  that upholds the Mexican tradition of handcrafted leather shoes, boots, jackets, and handbags. All products are like art pieces and have been created by a variety of different leathers and techniques giving every piece a unique one-of-a-kind touch.

The exceptional quality of Cuadra products was not the only reason Carlos and Mar decided to bring Cuadra to Canada. Carlos and Mar are proud to share that Cuadro products are socially responsible. Employees work in a relaxed atmosphere where they are provided with meals, time for physical activity, and exercise sessions. It’s understood that the work they do, although enriching can also get tiresome, so employees switch stations every so often.  Breaks are enjoyed in the outdoors palappa where they can enjoy fresh air and a sense of community. Carlos and Mar visited the Cuadra headquarters and saw first-hand that they were taking part in ethical and sustainable practices. All skins used come from farms and all dyes and materials are sustainable, never putting our environment and health in jeopardy. Patrons of Xixo should be proud to know that their choices are ethical and sustainable for the environment.

Besides the fact that Xixo carries a brand that is socially responsible, one cannot deny the fact that everything they carry is absolutely stunning. Can you say Christmas wish list? Yes!! I had the honours of trying on some of their shoes and was blown away at how comfortable they were. I admit that I never wear heels, but after trying on these (shown below) I think I might be converted.

Most of all, the prices are so reasonable. They have even had customers say that Xixo could easily charge twice as much for their shoes. But that would go against what Carlos and Mar endeavor to accomplish. The three goals of Xixo are:

  1. Preserve hand-craftmanship
  2. Provide good jobs in Mexico
  3. Bring quality leather boots and accessories to Vancouver at a fair price.

Using a variety of different skins, such as ostrich, cow hide, python, and lizard creates an alluring combination of textures and gradients to their products, but its the loving craftmanship that makes every piece none other than a piece of art that one can be confident will last years and years. Xixo offers timeless pieces that commit to tradition, but are also inspired by current trends in fashion. Whether you are going for casual, dressy, or Western, Xixo has a one-of-a-kind piece for you.

What I found most awe-inspiring about Xixo was the hospitality Carlos and Mar gave me when I came to visit. Offering me coffee, tea, and hugs (yay!) made me feel like I was visiting familiar friends. They then took out stacks of their beautiful shoes for me to try on, all of which were incredibly comfortable. This sort of hospitality is something Carlos and Mar provide everyone who happens to stop by, and that is what distinguishes the Xixo experience.

So if you are one of those fashion savvy, ethically chic connoisseurs of one-of-a-kind accessories, be sure to stop by and say hi to Carlos and Mar at Xixo. You’ll have an amazing experience and find some beautiful artfully made pieces to add to your strut that are none other than Xixo – “well made.”

A special thank you to Carlos and Mar for being so welcoming, and allowing me to make such an epic mess of boxes while trying on all of your amazing shoes".

Xixo Boutique
Address: 807 Hornby St. Vancouver, Canada, V6Z1T9
Contact: (604) 620-6738
Facebook: XixoApparel

Note: Location has been updated to show our current address since December 2014.

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