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A kind customer review. Thank you !

This is a small leather goods store that is somewhat misleading from the outside. My husband and I visited them after seeing their add in Vancouver magazine over a year ago. They have now relocated to Robson street and Hornby (near Mac cosmetic store). Here's why I think it's totally worth visiting:

1. Not mass made: every piece is slightly stained differently as all is done by hand. They take leather goods to a whole different level.
2. If you're interested in good quality vs. a brand : real calf, Python, crocodile for a fraction of over priced brands, etc. 
3. Non pretentious atmosphere: if you're waiting to be ignored, or greeted by someone who has no clue about details, wrong place. (You can go somewhere else for that). There are only four people who work at this location and very well versed in all leather and upkeep.
4. On going customer service: my husbands sole go worn down more so than expected over a year. No issue! Carlos is sending them off for some TLC to their cobbler for a fix up. 
5. Price: This is unique wear, and you can feel the quality. Rest assured that you may be spending 400 dollars on a pair of shoes, but you're getting even more quality than you're paying for.
6. Come here and support this wonderful business and don't get scared by some of the very "loud" pieces at the window.


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