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Xixo Apparel

Xixo (Shee-sho) means "Well done" in the Nahuatl language spoken by the Aztecs in Mexico.

Our commitment to preserve and promote culture and handmade products, work with socially responsible partners and support local communities in Mexico led us to Cuadra, a Mexican designer and handmaker of unique leather products with twenty two years of history and presence in Mexico and the United States.

We know that heritage, originality and innovation can be forged into unique pieces of art that leave their mark and Cuadra artisans produce leather artistry so you can make a statement.

We are proud of being Cuadra distributor in Canada.

Xixo and Cuadra: A lifestyle of freedom simply well made.



Cuadra Tradition

Cuadra is a Mexican handmaker of fine shoes, boots, jackets, handbags and accessories based on a unique concept, aspirational cut. Cuadra represents a lifestyle of freedom, reminiscent of its own success and character over twenty-two years.

Cuadra's soul is that it is handmade combining unique styles, skin textures, colours and techniques such as hand cutting, painting, engraving, carving and embroidery.

The blending of Cuadra casual, dress and western styles with limited designs and sustainable and genuine exotic skins like alligator, caiman, python, lizard, ostrich, deer, etc. produce luxury leather goods whose uniqueness is appreciated by connoisseurs and fashion editors.

In a global market with identical products and mass production, Cuadra remains true to its history and tradition of hand craftsmanship and embraces innovation to continue building its own personality.

Not only the marks on the leather make each piece different, the hands and style of a Mexican artisan make it unique.



Social Responsibility

Quality is important but being “handmade” the soul of Cuadra, the working environment of their employees is paramount.

Cuadra provides annual health campaigns and finances continuing education programs, school supplies and visual and oral care.

Employees are provided with daily meals in an inviting outdoors palapa within a relaxed environment and physical activities are encouraged with exercise sessions every day at noon and annual tournaments.

Cuadra is committed to the environment with part of their materials being environmentally friendly, recycling of cardboard and leather trimmings, professional disposal of solvents and their own wastewater treatment plant. Plastic bags for packing are biodegradable and some rustic models come in a reusable bag made of jute fiber.

Leather suppliers have international environment certificates and are subject to audits to ensure that leathers are free of banned substances and do not not affect humans and the environment. Leather dyeing is made with water-based colors that do not pollute and give a better finish.

Cuadra is committed with our planet and meets regulations standards from The International Trade Convention in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) which monitors the preservation of endangered species.

Cuadra is a leading company in the leather industry in Mexico and you can shop worry free knowing that their artisans work in the right environment with sustainable practices.